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Germany's largest family-owned insurer


Since its foundation in 1935, the ARAG Group has developed into an internationally successful and innovative quality insurer. Our customers and their needs are clearly at the center of everything we do. With a focus on the legal insurance business and headquartered in Düsseldorf, we are active in a total of 19 countries, have over 5,000 employees and generate an annual premium volume of over € 2.4 billion. In the German domestic market, we are a family-owned company and an attractive multi-line insurer: Besides legal insurance, we offer our customers our own unique needs-based products and services covering health insurance as well as casualty and property insurance.

ARAG Konzern

Heinrich Faßbender founded ARAG in Düsseldorf in 1935. It has been family-owned ever since. Heinrich Faßbender's business idea is still close to our hearts today: everyone should be able to assert their rights – regardless of their financial situation. Creating equal opportunities remains important to us, even after more than 85 years in business.

What makes ARAG so special – apart from this special entrepreneurial mission?

Family owned


ARAG has been family-owned since it was founded by Heinrich Faßbender in 1935. As a family business, we can distance ourselves, from short-term capital market influences. We are free to make our own decisions, remain true to ourselves, and act according to our own values.

Deutschlands größter Versicherer in Familienbesitz

Equal access to justice

Heinrich Faßbender

Everyone should have equal access to justice – regardless of their financial situation or status. ARAG’s founding principle was a milestone in the world of insurance. To this day, we remain committed to providing equal opportunities, access to justice for all, and supporting people in legal matters. This courage and determination have characterized ARAG since it was founded – and they continue to characterize the standards we set for our corporate activities moving forward.

19 countries


We founded our first company outside Germany in the Netherlands in 1962. Since then, the international legal insurance business has played an important role for us. Today, we are the world's leading legal insurer and active in 19 countries – in Europe, but also in the US, Canada and Australia. Our recipe for success: We operate globally to the benefit of our clients. We adapt fully to the different markets and develop tailored business models for each country. We work together across borders so we can learn from one another. As such, our international character guarantees the company’s successful further development.


Business figures

Bilanzpressekonferenz – Umsatzzahlen

The ARAG Group again increased its gross premium income in 2022 by 9 percent, with €182 million to a good €2.2 billion. The Group's total revenues – including those of the service companies – exceeded €2.2 billion. The underwriting result continued to expand strongly, rising by 33.5 percent to just under €158 million. The result from ordinary activities was €97.3 million. "We are meeting the needs of our customers. This is not only achieved selectively, but applies to the entire enterprise with all segments. ARAG is growing dynamically, while at the same time improving its earnings and using the profits to invest in personnel, technology and to strengthen its solvency," explained Dr. Renko Dirksen, Speaker of the Board of Management of ARAG SE, at the presentation of the ARAG Group's 2022 balance sheet.

The innovative, high-quality insurer


We inspire through innovation, and with novel products and services. We offer our customers best-in-class benefits. Our goal is to be one of the best insurers – and the best globally in legal protection. Our ambition of delivering quality characterizes the way in which we work. Each day, our engaged and high-performing staff commit themselves to helping our customers and ensuring ARAG’s success. Together, we are constantly developing the way in which we work. We are highly professional in our processes. Our tools and methods are state-of-the-art. Moreover, we serve our customers in a speedy, pragmatic, and straightforward way.




In doing so, our strategies focus on the long term. We are patient and prudent and operate sustainably. We value our conservative risk policy. Most of the profits we generate remain in the company and are reinvested to make ARAG stronger.

This ensures we are a financially solvent and stable company – to the benefit of our customers, our staff, and our owners.


Shaping our future with shared values


What makes ARAG unique? What sets us apart? The business idea of Heinrich Faßbender – that all citizens should be able to assert their rights, regardless of their financial situation – is as relevant as ever today. Our corporate guidelines – the ARAG Essentials – showcase why the focus is on our customers. They also present our identity and describe our fundamental principles which serve as a guideline how to act.


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ARAG has operated as a legal insurer for more than 85 years. Learn more about ARAG’s history and growth.