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Business Year 2017

As a result of the sale of its life insurance business, premium income for the ARAG Group decreased in purely arithmetical terms by 8.4 percent during the reporting period. The Group is now fully focused on its composite and health insurance business. Gross written premiums in these segments rose substantially by € 69 million (or 4.6 percent) to € 1.59 billion in 2017. Thus nearly one-third of the premium losses resulting from the sale of the life insurance business were offset. Total Group premiums and revenues – including revenues generated by the service companies, amounted to € 1.61 billion. The underwriting result improved markedly, with a 10.2-percent increase to € 73.5 million – the best figure reported in the last ten years. At € 81.2 million, profit on ordinary activities was also good and clearly exceeded the original expectations.


Annual Reports

Summary of key financial figures for the ARAG Group

The numbers speak for themselves. The steady growth achieved in past years provides us a solid foundation for future success.

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*The prior-year figures include the life insurance business (with premium income of € 213.7 million), which was sold in 2017

Breakdown by insurance line and country

Successful international expansion strategy: The international legal insurance business is one of the Group’s growth drivers.

Self-contracted business 2017

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Assumed reinsurance business 2017

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*The reinsurance business involving risk in the UK is underwriting by ARAG SE in Düsseldorf.