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Shaping our future with shared values

What makes ARAG so special? What sets us apart?
Our Group guidelines – the ARAG Essentials – express our goals in a nutshell and explain how we can achieve them together. They describe our self-image, our corporate mission and our values. They also offer the guidance we need as we commit ourselves to shaping the future of our organization in the interest of our customers. Based on the ARAG Essentials, the ARAG Leadership Standards support our managers in their efforts to translate all of these aspects into concrete leadership action.

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ARAG Corporate Principles
Corporate Priciples ARAG

Our Self-Image

ARAG is the internationally successful, innovative quality insurer


– independent and family-owned.


Internationally successful

ARAG has been internationally successful for over 50 years. Outside of Germany, we have made legal insurance an export hit by focusing clearly on the various markets we serve, which differ considerably from one another. We have developed a specific business model as well as appropriate products and sales channels for each country. Our international success is based, not least of all, on this uncompromising closeness to local markets and customers. Their needs are our primary concern and the driving force that guides our actions. That principle applies without exception to all countries and has helped us become the number one legal insurance provider in some of them.

An innovative quality insurer

As an innovative quality insurer we rely on new types of products and services that offer optimum benefits for our customers. We dare to try out new solutions and approaches, whereby quality is our most important criterion. We apply consistently high quality standards, especially in those areas in which closeness to customers is most important. Expressed in concrete terms, this means that we are attentive, active, and independent and act in the interest of our customers. Our success proves us right. Both our products and the support and consulting services provided by our employees regularly earn prestigious awards and place high in relevant rankings.

Independent and family-owned

What sets us apart from our competitors? We are an independent enterprise that has been family-owned since it was founded by Heinrich Faßbender in 1935. We pursue long-term strategies and have a strong record of sustainable, profitable growth because we act with precaution, prudence, patience, and persistence. ARAG also stands apart by virtue of its reliance on values and a flat hierarchy. Our compartmentalized risk structure fits the needs of a family enterprise of our size perfectly, and we have adopted a conservative risk and solvency strategy. That has made ARAG what it is today: a strong, solvent, stable enterprise. And that in turn benefits our employees as well as our customers, whom we are proud to serve as a reliable and experienced insurance partner.

ARAG Essentials

The ARAG Essentials are guidelines for every individual in the ARAG Group. They emphasize the unique character of our organization and express in a nutshell the shared values to which employees, managers and shareholders are committed. We are all guided by the six values of the ARAG Essentials.


Communication as opportunity


Pioneering spirit
Forging ahead


Looking past tomorrow


Respectful interaction


Success through professionalism


Unleashing energy

ARAG Leadership Standards

The ARAG Leadership Standards serve as guidelines for fulfillment of expectations for exemplary leadership in the ARAG Group expressed in the ARAG Essentials. The Leadership Standards provide reliable points of orientation. They are the “tools” with which we strive to achieve our goals and pursue our visions. The ARAG Leadership Standards are a helpful guide for personal interaction in the various teams in the entire ARAG Group.

Lead with Openness: Seek competition
That is why we measure ourselves consistently with others and identify appropriate benchmarks.
Lead with Farsightedness: Recognise and seize opportunities
We are actively aware of the strategy of ARAG and regularly check the efficiency of our divisions. From there we develop a future-orientated way of performing.
Lead with Drive: Achieve Results
We realize our challenging but achievable goals rapidly. Consistency and ambition allow best possible results to be achieved.
Lead with Pioneering spirit: Shape the future with courage
We shape our future through bold decisions and show confidence and readiness to take risks.
Lead with Discipline: Set an example with consistency and professionalism
We take well-prepared decisions, implement them consistently, monitor them and take responsibility for them.
Lead with Fairness: Act with mutual respect
Trust and respect mark the fair company at ARAG. With constructive criticism, recognition of achievements and transparency we develop fairness to others.

Fairness to others – success in our work

The ARAG Essentials are the foundation of our Leadership Standards, which in turn enable us to experience them in practice. In this way, ARAG provides its employees a working environment that offers opportunities and future perspectives as well as a sense of security.