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Shaping our future with shared values

What makes ARAG unique? What sets us apart? The business idea of Heinrich Faßbender – that all citizens should be able to assert their rights, regardless of their financial situation – is as relevant as ever today. Our corporate guidelines – the ARAG Essentials – showcase why the focus is on our customers. They also present our identity and describe our fundamental principles which serve as a guideline how to act.

corporate values

Our founding principle

Our founding idea

Equal access to justice

ARAG’s founding principle was a milestone in the world of insurance: it has always been our belief that all citizens should be able to assert their legal rights – regardless of their financial situation. This belief still guides us today. We remain committed to providing equal opportunities, access to justice for all, and supporting people in legal matters. This courage and determination have characterized ARAG since it was founded in 1935. And they continue to characterize the standards we set for our corporate activities moving forward.

Our identity

Unser Selbstverständnis

ARAG is the innovative, high-quality insurer – international, independent, and family-owned

  • The innovative, high-quality insurer

    We inspire through innovation, and with novel products and services. We offer our customers best-in-class benefits. Our goal is to be one of the best insurers – and the best globally in legal protection. Our ambition of delivering quality characterizes the way in which we work. Each day, our engaged and high-performing staff commit themselves to helping our customers and ensuring ARAG’s success. Together, we are constantly developing the way in which we work. We are highly professional in our processes. Our tools and methods are state-of-the-art. Moreover, we serve our customers in a speedy, pragmatic, and straightforward way.
  • International

    We operate globally to the benefit of our clients. We adapt fully to the different markets and develop customized business models for each country. We work together across borders to learn from one another. As such, our international character guarantees the company’s successful further development.
  • Independent and family-owned

    ARAG has been family-owned since it was founded by Heinrich Faßbender in 1935. As a family business, we can distance ourselves, from short-term capital market influences. We are free to make our own decisions, remain true to ourselves, and act according to our own values. In doing so, our strategies focus on the long term. We are patient and prudent and operate sustainably. We value our conservative risk policy. Most of the profits we generate remain in the company and are reinvested to make ARAG stronger. This ensures we are a financially solvent and stable company – to the benefit of our customers, our staff, and our owners.

Our ambition

Unser Anspruch

We help our clients to achieve their goals.

  • We want everyone to be able to make the most of their lives. Therefore, we facilitate the free and autonomous decision-making of our customers and give them peace of mind so they can live their lives. By creating appropriate solutions, we attend to their risks and our customers can seize their opportunities. We watch their backs and develop products and services that make life easier.
  • To fulfill this mission, we constantly challenge ourselves. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and as a result, our customers’ expectations are also evolving constantly. Thanks to digitization especially, we can focus even more closely on our customers’ needs. For us, the digital transformation is therefore a stroke of luck: we seize the opportunities offered by new technologies. We eliminate burdens for our clients, make their lives more convenient and more efficient – all with the greatest possible transparency.
  • The digital transformation is helping us to develop constantly as a company. Our structures as a medium-sized enterprise and our international positioning are of decisive benefit in this regard. We can act and react quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we pragmatically bring together a wide range of competencies which we use to develop convincing and helpful solutions our customers expect. We all focus on the same objective and share knowledge, experiences and ideas. This gives a common direction to the numerous innovations and new developments that are created within our company. We remain on the ball and hone our ability to perform.
  • We will continue the successful growth of recent years. We are building on our sound solvency and strong earnings to secure ARAG’s stability and independence. For only with corporate independence we will be in the position to consistently serve our clients’ interests in the future.

Our values

Our values

Our pioneering spirit thrives on openness and foresightwe employ our drive with discipline and fairness

  • When ARAG was founded in 1935, all citizens had the opportunity to assert their rights for the first time. This pioneering spirit is part of our DNA. It describes our history and our aspirations for the future. With openness, we are constantly rethinking our business, products and services from our clients’ perspective. In a world that is constantly changing, we do not follow short-term trends. Instead, we use our foresight to focus on long-term developments. As a family-owned business, the welfare of future generations plays an important role in our thinking. It is with this attitude that we take on our social responsibility.
  • All of us at ARAG are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. This motivation fuels our drive. Throughout the Group, we work together to develop and implement ideas that reflect the market and our clients’ needs. For us, discipline means we use our resources cleverly and seize the opportunities offered by new technologies and new ways of working. The digital transformation allows us to address our clients’ needs even more individually. Life-oriented solutions for our clients result from our diverse experiences and skills. This turns our diversity into a real strength. Fairness means we create a working environment that does justice to this diversity in which different ways of life are welcome. This fairness generates trust – within ARAG and in the relationships with our clients and business partners.

Our values in overview

Pioneering Spirit