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Our commitment to society

Heinrich Faßbender had a clear goal in mind when he founded ARAG over 80 years ago: to make equal opportunity under the law a reality for everyone. That idea remains as relevant and current as ever for us today. And it makes social responsibility an essential component of our business model.

ARAG commitment to society
Our Sustainability Report 2016

Our Sustainability Report 2016

Proper corporate social responsibility means activities that focus on the long term, i.e. they must be sustainable. Sustainability is not merely an option for the ARAG Group, it is a must. As an idependant family-owned enterprise in the financial sector, we appreciate the importance of reliability and solidity. By being sustainable we can safeguard ARAG´s independence for the long term. In our current GRI Sustainability Report we will explain how we implement sustainability in our company.

Our family-friendly personnel policy

As a family enterprise, we owe it to our employees to create the most favorable prerequisites for a good balance between work and family life. And we have established conditions and structures that enable us to embed diversity firmly within our corporate culture.

ARAG Diversity Management
Our commitment in support of table tennis

Our commitment in support of table tennis

As Europe’s largest sports insurer we support outstanding achievements in sports at the international level. We sponsor top star Timo Boll, record-holding champions Borussia Düsseldorf and the Deutscher Tischtennisbund (German Table Tennis Federation, DTTB), with its annual recreational sports program – a long-standing commitment that will continue at least through the 2017/2018 season. “Our support for the triad of Timo Boll, Borussia Düsseldorf and the DTTB is a perfect fit for ARAG. Here as well, professional and recreational sports, local involvement, international reach and a multigenerational target group go hand in hand,” explains Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender with regard to the sponsoring program.