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Equal opportunity for all – In praise of diversity!

Globalization and demographic change are issues of key importance to success in business today. And they go hand in hand with rapidly growing diversity. The ARAG Group responds to these trends with fairness and openness. We have positioned ourselves as a versatile quality insurer and pursue a focused approach to our social responsibility.

We foster our unique diversity within our family enterprise as well. Within the context of our personnel policies, for example, we place increased emphasis on flexibility when it comes to work schedules and workplace assignments in an effort to improve the balance of work and family life.

We promote equal occupational opportunities for men and women through an active diversity management system. As a vital, living enterprise, we have set ourselves the goal of offering men and women equal opportunities for professional development – regardless of age, nationality, personal living circumstances or marital status. And we have established conditions and structures that enable us to embed diversity firmly within our corporate culture.

We know that teams with numerous different competencies and perspectives contribute significantly to the success of a business enterprise. Thanks to the diverse viewpoints and working approaches of their members, such teams are well equipped to avoid strategic errors and risks and to identify and exploit existing opportunities.

ARAG regards gender diversity primarily as an aspect of diversity within our organization in general – which thus involves much more than simply promoting opportunities for women. With our active, broad-based diversity management system we also enhance our attractiveness as an employer and establish the foundation for a highly qualified, productive team in the future as well.

Gender Diversity