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ARAG and Unigarant of Netherlands Sign Cooperation Agreement

The Dutch branch of ARAG SE and Dutch insurer Unigarant have concluded a cooperation agreement. Unigarant is a subsidiary of Dutch automobile club ANWB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond). The agreement has a term of three years starting January 1, 2022.

Within the scope of this agreement ARAG will provide all essential services of private legal insurance, such as employment and contract legal insurance services for ANWB members. Traditional motorists legal insurance will continue to be handled directl y by ANWB. To this end, ARAG signed a reinsurance agreement with Unigarant for a portfolio of 33,000 policies.

"We want to offer Unigarant's customers even better service in the future, making good use of the innovations we have in house," said Marc van E rven, CEO of ARAG SE in the Netherlands, on occasion of the signing of the new reinsurance contract. "This is a wonderful challenge for us," he added.

With premium revenues currently tota ling 174.4 million euros, ARAG SE's Dutch branch is one of the large st intern ational units of the ARAG Group . The Düsseldorf based family enterprise has been active on the international stage for almost 60 years and generated 41 percent of its Group premium revenues of 1.84 billion euros outside Germany in 2020.

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