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Media Contacts

The following contact details are for journalist inquiries only. Please note, the press office is unable to assist with general queries or complaints.

Klaus Heiermann 2018

Klaus Heiermann

Member of the Management Board
ARAG Holding SE
SVP Corporate Communications/Marketing

Phone: +49 211 963-2219


Contact for customers

If you are an ARAG customer or if you have questions regarding our products or careers at ARAG as well as for all general business inquiries, please contact us at:

+49 211 963-3535

Gülsen Öngören

Press Desk

Phone: +49 211 963-3488

Christian Danner


Phone: +49 211 963-2217

Brigitta Mehring

Press Officer

Phone: +49 211 963-2560

Dr. Karen Bogdanski

Officer Financial Communications

Phone: +49 211 963-3115

Kathrin Köhler

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Manager

Phone: +49 211 963-2225

Stéphanie Röhrig

Head of International Communications, Research & Analysis


Jakob Muziol

Head of Marketing

Phone: +49 211 963-3431

Marion Schikora

Officer Internal Communications

Phone: +49 211 963-2218

Nora Dietterle

Junior Officer Internal Communications

Phone: +49 211 963-

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