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A New Offensive in e-Sports – ARAG in partnership with SK Gaming


ARAG SE has launched a major offensive in the field of e-sports and is now the official insurance partner to the e-sports organization SK Gaming from Cologne. This partnership is visibly represented on the sleeves of the official SK Gaming jerseys, where the ARAG logo is displayed at all team appearances.

Key elements of the cooperative venture are jointly developed content formats relating among other things to insurance of particular relevance to gamers. ARAG web@ktiv® is a private cyber-insurance policy from ARAG that in the premium version offers such features as coverage for gaming PCs and consoles. This innovative insurance offer will be presented and explained in a series of social-media videos developed by the two partners and featuring appearances by players from SK Gaming.

In addition to these activities, ARAG sponsoring has been incorporated into the sustainability program developed by the family-owned enterprise based in Düsseldorf. ARAG has been promoting equal opportunity in the internet through a number of programs for several years. The ARAG project devoted to “Conflict Management at Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia,” the national “bildung.digital” (digital education) program conducted in the German states in cooperation with the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (DKJS) and the “Hass streichen” (“Stop Hate”) initiative are the cornerstones of ARAG’s commitment. Within this context, an award conceived by ARAG and SK Gaming for gamers who demonstrate exemplary behavior in the Internet will also be conferred.

Klaus Heiermann, a member of the Board of ARAG Holding SE offers the following remarks: “We look forward to working with one of the leading brands in the field of e-sports. SK Gaming offers us an opportunity to introduce ARAG to young target groups in an exciting environment, both in Germany and in our international markets. Through its innovative strength, ARAG has proven within a very short period of time that digital services clearly promote successful development in traditional business segments as well. We want to learn quickly in this dynamically growing field, and we expect our cooperation with the experienced team from SK Gaming to play an important role in this regard.“

The new ARAG offensive is made especially attractive by the excellent international opportunities it offers. SK Gaming participates in competitions all over the world, which means that ARAG sponsoring can be exploited actively in important markets such as the US and Spain. The ARAG Group is committed to the progressive international expansion of its business and now operates in 17 different countries.

To cite Alexander Müller, CEO of SK Gaming: “In ARAG, we are pleased to welcome an important insurance group to our ranks, an organization that has strong roots in Germany, just as we do, and has evolved into a globally active business enterprise over the course of time. We are incredibly proud to have found in ARAG a partner who truly understands our community’s needs and wants to work together with us to generate real added value.”

The partners plan to launch their partnership officially at gamescom in Cologne, where ARAG will appear as a partner to SK Gaming for the first time within the context of the “Telekom Magenta eTrophy.“

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