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ARAG Expands its Program of School Sponsorship Projects

ARAG sponsors the MZM School Mediation program of MediationsZentrale München e.V.

ARAG SE provides continuous support for the "Conflict Management at Schools" project in cooperation with the Ministry Education and Schools of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. A total of 65 secondary and vocational schools have participated successfully in the project since it was launched in March 2014. The Düsseldorf-based family-owned enterprise is now expanding the scope of its social engagement in the field of school mediation to include the state of Bavaria. Since September 2016, ARAG SE has been sponsoring the work of the MZM School Mediation Team of the MediationsZentrale München e.V., which is devoted to enabling children to cope with conflicts and shape their own future in a peaceable manner.

Faced with tremendous challenges, today’s schools face tremendous challenges and immense pressure to change. Very different worlds collide at many schools. That generates a strong potential for conflict and calls for an entirely new kind of “homework.” For the need to deal effectively with difficulties, to resolve conflicts and to learn to accept the views of others without judgment does not end when the school day is over.

“Given the positive results of our Conflict Management at Schools project in North Rhine-Westphalia, it seemed perfectly logical for us to expand our engagement in the field of school mediation to include our corporate location in Munich. Teachers, school administrators, parents and school-age children are confronted with the complex issues facing schools there as well. Thus we regard the need to provide sustained support for programs devoted to professional conflict management and social competence as an essential part of our responsibility to society,” explains Klaus Heiermann, Chief Representative of ARAG SE. “The self-initiated resolution of persistent conflicts through school mediation and the resulting benefits to society achieved by children themselves are wonderful goals, which we are pleased to share with MZM School Mediation,” he adds.

The School Mediation Team of the MediationsZentrale München e.V. has established a network of public and private schools and volunteer mediators. Launched in 2010, the project has been highly successful thus far. Currently, 24 public schools in the Munich area have implemented the MZM School Mediation program on a weekly basis in the form of permanent mediation teams. ARAG supports MZM e.V. in its efforts to expand the scope of mediation at schools in the Munich region and beyond and thus to promote more peaceful and respectful interaction among school students while improving the general performance climate.

“Our organization is unique in that our roughly 40 active MZM school mediators operate as neutral, independent experts outside of the complex system of the school and because we cover the entire spectrum of conceivable conflict situations. From conflicts among students to disputes between parents and teachers to problems within the faculty to school-related issues among parents – we are there to help. We are always approachable and ready to provide reliable support through mediation and counselling. We promote the development of conflict-resolution skills and sustainable improvements in interpersonal relationships within the school community as a whole – an aspect that is very important to us. MZM School Mediation is a visible contribution to social education. MZM School Mediation is work in support of peace, which in view of the increasing diversity of our society is more important than ever today,” emphasizes Juliane Wünschmann, initiator and Director of MZM School Mediation.

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