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ARAG Updates its Logo

ARAG SE enters the spring of 2016 with a revised logo and a new communication campaign. The Düsseldorf family enterprise last made major modifications to its logo 13 years ago, and ARAG has changed significantly since then. The Group has established new strategic priorities and adopted a new management structure as a Societas Europaea (SE). It is now firmly committed to internationalizing its business. Today, ARAG is one of the most highly internationalized German insurance firms, and the changes effected in recent years are already reflected in its new brand strategy. The ARAG logo has now been modernized as well. The new logo will be introduced with a special communication campaign effective 31 March 2016.

“Very few German insurers have changed as fundamentally as ARAG in recent years,” emphasizes Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender, Chairman and CEO of ARAG SE. “The successful development of the Group’s business shows that we are on the right track. The time had come to make these changes visible to everyone.” In that spirit, the Düsseldorf family enterprise took on the ambitious task of modernizing one of the best-known German insurance trademarks. The ARAG lettering is now much more legible and striking in appearance, and the swords will disappear from the logo.

“Our customers want us to provide them with solutions and support. Crossed swords stand for an outdated, militant stance that our international customers can hardly be expected to understand,” explains Klaus Heiermann, Chief Representative of ARAG SE, with reference to the most important changes. ARAG has focused primarily on the legal insurance business for over 80 years, and the legal insurance concept has evolved in significant ways over the course of time. Emphasis has shifted in favor of amicable, stress-free conflict-resolution models. ARAG is also a highly successful health insurance provider, and swords are not really appropriate symbols in this context. The crossed swords in the logo have always been difficult to explain in international markets.

“All in all, the new ARAG logo presents a tidier, clearer and more modern ‘premium’ appearance,” explains Connie Peters, Vice President, Marketing/Customer Communication, in her summary of the changes. The new logo is much more closely in tune with the ARAG corporate design, which was substantially revised two years ago. It will be introduced with a new communication campaign in late March and then rolled out in successive steps within the Group.


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