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Pioneering spirit
Forging ahead
At the time of its founding in 1935, ARAG was a genuine legal insurance pioneer, for it enabled all citizens to assert their rights – regardless of their financial standing – for the first time in history. That pioneering spirit still distinguishes us today. We recognize the needs of our customers and translate them quickly into new, readily marketable products.
We are courageous and willing to deviate from old, familiar paths. With passion and commitment, we develop new products and services that correspond precisely to the needs of our local customers, for example. That makes us an innovative quality insurer in every market.
We strive for continuous improvement and refuse to rest content with past achievements. Gaining a foothold in new markets is part of the appeal of true entrepreneurship. We also make every effort to impress people with the quality of our services and our innovative products – so that they remain or become satisfied, loyal customers.