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Respectful interaction
We accept cultural differences and regard them as sources of mutual enrichment. We learn from each other and approach each other openly. Hurdles are easily overcome through mutual understanding, responsiveness, and goodwill.
We regard equality of opportunity in professional development as a given. Regardless of the specific occupational context – one’s position, workplace location, or duties, for instance – and of personal circumstances such as marital status, social origin, or educational background, all employees are offered the same chances. Gender and age are irrelevant when it comes to opportunities for self-development. And a good balance between work and family life is of prime importance at ARAG, which is why we aim to create conditions designed to promote it.
Cross-departmental thinking helps us make full use of our potential. When we approach things from a different point of view, we depart from frequently trodden paths and find new solutions. In the process, it is essential for us to consider at all times how matters look from the standpoint of our customers.