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International Graduate Trainee Program

The economic situation in southern Europe is still tense. Even well-trained young people face major difficulties finding employment of any kind in these regions. That alone is reason enough for ARAG to take action and contribute as best it can to improving the outlook for young people. The Düsseldorf family-owned enterprise launched an international graduate trainee program on 1 July 2013. For the next 18 months, six participants from Italy and Spain will undergo extensive training at ARAG headquarters within the framework of the “ARAG International Graduate Trainee Program".

The program includes project assignments, language and intercultural training as well as insurance and project management training. Mentors will provide guidance and support for the graduate trainees from start to finish. The six participants were chosen from among some 200 applicants from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain in a rigorous selection process.

“The goal of our International Graduate Trainee Program is to enable well-educated young people to start their careers, and to prepare them for their professional futures through training on the job.” explains Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender, Chairman and CEO of the ARAG Group. “This commitment is very important in view of our strong international orientation,” he adds.