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Annual Press Conference 2012

ARAG Group records 2.8 percent growth in national and international markets
Underwriting result significantly improved
Growth ahead of the industry trend in the German market
Health insurance and mutual fund-linked pension insurance are major growth drivers
Forecast for 2012: continued moderate growth despite a troubled economic climate

“The ARAG Group is growing, earning good money while the financial markets remain in a crisis mode and still has solid capital backing,” noted Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender, Chairman of the ARAG Board of Management, with respect to the Group’s business development at the Annual Press Conference. In the face of a difficult business environment, the family enterprise achieved a 2.8 percent gain in premium revenues from € 1.43 billion to € 1.47 billion. Overall Group performance including the contribution of ARAG service companies rose from € 1.49 billion to € 1.51 billion. With € 49.9 million profit on ordinary activities remained at a good level (2010: € 64.2 million). The strong 144-percent increase in the underwriting result to € 40.3 million underscores the Group’s operational strength.