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Annual Press Conference 2011

ARAG grows significantly by 4.4 percent
Profit on ordinary activities increases by over one third
International business and health insurance continue on growth trajectory
Growth in life insurance premiums without forcing of short-term single premiums
Outlook for 2011: further growth and good earning situation

“In recent years, the ARAG Group has shed its role as a niche provider. 80 percent of our premium revenues are now attained outside the once-predominant German legal insurance business. The meaning of the ARAG brand is evolving,” said Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender, Chairman of ARAG’s Board of Management, of the development of the Group on presentation of the Annual Financial Statements. In all, the family company expanded its premium revenues in Germany and abroad by 4.4 percent, from € 1.37 billion to € 1.43 billion. The overall performance of the Group, including the service subsidiaries, grew from € 1.41 billion to € 1.49 billion. At the same time, the Group increased its profit on ordinary activities by a substantial 38.4 percent, from € 46.4 million to € 64.2 million in the last fiscal year.