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ARAG SE: Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender to stay on as Chairman of the Board for five more years

The Supervisory Board of ARAG SE has extended the appointment of Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender (68) as Chairman and CEO for five more years effective 4 July 2015. He has headed the Dusseldorf-based enterprise formally incorporated as the ARAG Allgemeine Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG since 16 February 2000.

“Such an extension is certainly not a given, even for an actively involved majority shareholder. The opportunities for creative impact offered by an independent family enterprise are both attractive and challenging. I look forward to serving the Group in this capacity for the next five years,” says Dr. Paul-Otto Faßbender.

ARAG SE is responsible for the strategic management of the ARAG Group and its operative insurance companies and manages its legal insurance business at the national and international levels. The ARAG Group has been fully owned by the Faßbender family since its founding nearly 80 years ago. ARAG is the largest German insurance enterprise in family hands.