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Brief profile

AXA-ARAG Rechtsschutz AG
As of 31.12.2023

Incorporation: 1972
Legal form: Joint-stock company
Employees: 275
Premiums: 152.6 million EUR
Business focus:
Legal protection for individuals (modular designed and tailored to individual needs), covering these areas: “traffic & travel”, employment (add-on module for executives available), “habitation & everyday life” (add-on module for landlords available), “health & personal insurance”, “partnership & family”, tax and legal councelling

Corporate legal expenses for small, medium-sized and large companies, associations, non-profit-organizations and municipalities (includes cover for commercial contract law concerning suppliers, customers, clients and subcontractors)

Tailor-made legal protection for specific occupations and companies

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
AXA-ARAG Rechtsschutz AG
Affolternstraße 42
8050 Zurich
Point of contact
Jürg Schneider
Chief Executive Officer
+41 848 11 11 00


The first step: Following the acquisition of a small insurance company in Switzerland, ARAG acquired Schutz AG in Zurich. Schutz AG became ARAG Switzerland just one year later.

Growth and development
Over the course of the following years, ARAG Switzerland not only expanded its insurance portfolio but changed its name as well. Majority interest in ARAG Switzerland was transferred to the ARAG Group in 1992. In 1998, ARAG transferred the majority interest in the Swiss company to Winterthur-Rechtsschutz. This merger has created “Winterthur-ARAG“. In 2007, Winterthur-ARAG then merged with “Juridica", the legal insurance division of “Axa Schweiz”. In 2010, AXA-ARAG Rechtsschutz AG was incorporated in Switzerland.

AXA-ARAG in Switzerland today
The ARAG Group holds a minority interest in AXA-ARAG Rechtsschutz AG with AXA as majority stakeholder. AXA-ARAG Rechtsschutz AG is one of the leading provider in the Swiss legal insurance market since 2009.