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Brief profile

HELP Försäkring Filial
As of: 31.12.2018

Incorporation: 2012
Legal form: Branch of HELP Forsikring AS
Employees: 26
Premiums: 4.6 million EUR
Business focus: Private legal insurance
(especially group agreements)

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
HELP Försäkring
Kungsgatan 32 (office address)
11135 Stockholm
Point of contact
Alexandra Åquist
Country manager
+46 771 985 200
+46 8 52 46 40 99


The Scandinavian countries and markets have many similarities. National languages are similar, as well as the way and standard of living. The need for legal support is also largely comparable. In 2012, the Norwegian parent company HELP Forsikring AS, a subsidiary of the ARAG Group started HELP Försäkring Filial in Sweden. The first group agreement was signed with Svenska Elektrikerförbundet, the Swedish trade union representing employees in the electrical industry.

Growth and development
The Swedish labor market is characterized by a significant number of large trade union organizations, which also provide various types of insurance to their members. HELP Sweden has further developed the strategy and a differentiated product portfolio with a clear focus on engaging with a larger potential customer base. An increasing demand for legal insurance has been clearly identified and it is obvious that HELPs services add value to trade unions’ offerings to their members.

ARAG in Sweden today
Being the largest market in Scandinavia, with a clear majority of workforce members organized in various trade unions, the market opportunity for legal insurance is still huge. HELP Sweden has a proactive focus on sales. Leveraging on the growing demand for legal insurances via group agreement, the cornerstones for success are clearly in place. As per 2019, four important unions and organizations offer legal insurance as an additional benefit for their members and more are due to follow.

Three national real estate agencies also offer their customers HELP's legal insurance, as an add on to their transactions. HELP Sweden is an attractive employer and proud to be on the Great Place to Work® top 20 list, as one of Sweden's best workplaces in 2019.

All in all, we stand well prepared to serve existing customers as well as to meet the demands of customers to come.