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Brief profile

ARAG SE, Sucursal em Portugal
As of 31.12.2022

Incorporation: 2002
Legal form: Branch of ARAG SE
Employees: 5
Premiums: 3.4 million EUR
Business focus: Private legal insurance for motorists, personal and home-related issues.
Corporate legal insurance (including insurance for associations and homeowners).

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG SE, Sucursal em Portugal
Rua Julieta Ferrão, 10 – 13º A
1600 – 131 Lisbon
Point of contact
Juan Carlos Muñoz de Sentmenat
+351 21 761 5320
+351 21 761 5329


ARAG S.A. - Sucursal em Portugal has been founded as a branch of ARAG Spain, and thus successfully entered the Portuguese market. The company has since become an important player in its legal insurance market.

Growth and development
The growth and development of ARAG in Portugal were influenced above all by changes in Portuguese society. Growing awareness of the importance of legal protection contributed to the success of the company.

ARAG in Portugal today
ARAG Portuguese branch is located in Lisbon where the business has been running for more than 18 years. The company became an important and well respected player in the Portuguese insurance market by constantly pursuing the customer's satisfaction and building a strong network consisting of specialized partners. This strategy has allowed ARAG Portugal to enlarge over the years its legal protection portfolio according to the current needs of families, individuals and companies. The company has achieved to become an interesting player in the personal travel assistance field.