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Brief profile

HELP Forsikring AS
As of 31.12.2022

Incorporation: 2005
Legal form: Subsidiary of ARAG SE
Employees: 173
Premiums: 51 million EUR
Business focus: Private legal insurance for personal and home-related issues (including legal service for house-purchasers).

Contact data

Office address
HELP Forsikring AS
Essendrops gate 3
0368 Oslo
Postal address
HELP Forsikring AS
P.O. Box 1870 Vika
0124 Oslo
Point of contact
Dag Are Børresen
Vice President Communications
+47 22 99 99 99


In 2007, ARAG acquired shares of HELP Forsikring and thus entered a field of business in Norway that had previously offered little potential to legal insurers, due to the strong influence of the welfare state. Although legal insurance coverage had been available in Norway during the 1960s, it was inadequate and offered only as a supplementary benefit in composite policies. It was to ARAG’s advantage that HELP Forsikring AS had been present with its legal insurance products in the Norwegian insurance market since 2005. Since its founding, HELP Forsikring AS has offered protection and support in legal matters for both individuals and trade unions.

Growth and development
The company´s legal services department consists of more than 170 lawyers. The development of new products and business growth have generated a number of successful legal insurance services such as legal service for house-purchasers which provides assistance to prospective house-purchasers in contractual matters and family legal protection, mainly for members of major Norwegian labor unions. Unions use family legal protection as an important recruitment measure. A stable customer satisfaction rate of more than 90 percent is therefore the key to further growth, both for the unions themselves and for HELP Forsikring AS.

In May 2012 the subsidiary of the ARAG Group has founded a branch in Sweden which paves the path for further growth in Scandinavia. The growth achieved by HELP Forsikring AS is attributable primarily to cooperative agreements with numerous trade unions and an increasing share of the market for real-estate legal insurance. At the end of 2013, the ARAG Group acquired all shares of HELP Forsikring AS.

HELP Forsikring AS today
At present, 16 Norwegian labor unions provide family legal protection insurance to their members giving 300 000 Norwegian families access to legal protection through insurance. In addition, more than half of all Norwegian home buyers purchase legal protection from HELP. HELP also offers legal protection against cyper bullying and ID-theft through cooperations with the telco industry.