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Brief profile

ARAG SE Nederland
As of 31.12.2022

Incorporation: 1962
Legal form: Branch of ARAG SE
Employees: 675
Premiums: 188 million EUR
Business focus: As legal problem solvers our mission is to offer our customers (end customers and companies) access to justice through excellent legal services. We make it affordable by offering a legal protection insurance.

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG SE Nederland
Kastanjelaan 2
3833 AN Leusden
Point of contact
Jessica Klugkist
Head of Corporate Communications
+31 33 43 42 342


ARAG founded its first international subsidiary in the Netherlands in 1962 – as one of the very first providers in the still-young Dutch legal insurance market. ARAG Netherlands soon became the third-largest company in this segment, with a market share of roughly 23 %. As an independent specialist (legal problem solver), the company not only sells legal insurance policies but also offers a wide range of services to policy holders.

Growth and development
ARAG Netherlands offers comprehensive services and advisory support in most legal areas. ARAG Netherlands relies primarily on the expertise of its own employees, who have acquired extensive know-how in both legal counseling and legal services. We received around 108,000 calls and over 60,000 claims in 2021, of which 91% are completely handled internally by our own lawyers. ARAG Netherlands promises customers the best tailor-made legal advice. We make them wiser in law. We help them to put things right with innovative tools. We always provide excellent claim handling. The average customer satisfaction score amounts 8.4.

ARAG in the Netherlands today
In August 2012, the company became a branch of ARAG SE. Today, ARAG SE Nederland is one of ARAG Group’s largest international entities. Since 2011, it cooperates with the official Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) referees introducing ´Fair Play´ not only on the football field, but also in everyday life. In the ten years of this partnership, the refereeing profession has evolved enormously. For example, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been introduced and the ARAG KNVB Replay Center is much more open about the difficult decisions that referees have to make. ARAG and the KNVB Referees are both committed to fair play for everyone. As an organization, we do this for society by making law accessible to everyone. A referee and his team promote fair play on the field and in the sport as a whole. ARAG extended this partnership including a new partnership concerning Video Assistant Referee (VAR), until July 2024.

Our ambition
Our ambition is to be the best legal problem solver in the Netherlands. Driven by our pioneering spirit, foresight, decisiveness and discipline and our confidence in openness and honesty; we make equal opportunities for everyone possible every day.

Our promise
We know the law through and through and set the bar high every day. We only work with specialists in every field of law and have all the expertise in-house. We innovate so that we can offer the best and most up-to-date legal solutions. We give people the tools for things they can put right themselves. And as soon as people can no longer do it themselves, we help them personally with the right specialists. Our services are always personal and digital where possible.
We are constantly developing new tools and services that increase 'access to justice for everyone', such as the ARAG LegalCheck for travel and event vouchers and matters about work and income and online purchases.

Our mission
We make justice accessible and affordable for everyone. Just like our founding father Heinrich Fassbender did in 1935. A brave and revolutionary thought and more relevant today than ever. Because access to justice will only become more complex in the future. In addition to affordability, digital access to the best legal aid is becoming increasingly important. Access to knowledge, tools and digital services. And to lawyers who have the intention to really help people.