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Brief profile

Niederlassung Griechenland
As of 31.12.2023

Incorporation: 1972
Legal form: Branch of ARAG SE
Employees: 25
Premiums: 5.9 million EUR
Business focus: Private legal insurance for motorists, employment, personal and home-related issues, legal insurance for doctors, for medical practitioners, police officers, coast guards and public transport employees, corporate legal insurance, legal insurance for consumers, etc.

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG SE – Niederlassung Griechenland
Fidippidou 2
11526 Athens
Point of contact
Theodora Laskari
+30 210 74 90 913
+30 210 77 10 807


ARAG Greece is a branch office of ARAG SE and has been founded in 1972. The company started out as a legal insurance expert in Athens. Two other offices were opened later – in Thessaloniki and Patras. As legal insurance was totally new to the Greek market in the early 1970s, consumers had to be familiarized with the concept of legal insurance.

Growth and development
The first legal insurance product offered by ARAG Greece, a policy designed for the automotive and mobility segment, was firmly established in the 1980s. By that time, Greek consumers had already become more sensitive to their legal rights in the labor market. The company seized the opportunity to introduce additional legal insurance products to the market. These included legal insurance policies for families and small businesses.
Several years later, other Greek insurers recognized the potential of legal insurance and began offering products similar to those of ARAG. Supported by many years of experience as an expert in legal matters and protection, ARAG Greece took advantage of its market position and maintained its competitive edge.

ARAG in Greece today
In response to the problems resulting from the financial crisis and the pandemic, ARAG Greece has been the first insurer to launch products that exactly meet the customers' needs. This could be problems arising from employment matters or the changing pension regulatory framework, for example. Some professional groups like public employees and functionaries (e.g. police officers, firefighters or military personnel) particularly appreciate those products. Beside these special programs, the standard products such as Automobile, Family etc. and new products as cyber legal protection have also great appeal in the market.
Additionally, the company is highly engaged in corporate social responsibility activities as it is offering free legal advice for victims of violence and bullying at schools etc.