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Brief profile

HELP Forsikring Filial
As of 31.12.2017

Incorporation: 2015
Legal form: Branch of HELP Forsikring AS
Employees: 5
Premiums: 160,000 EUR
Business focus:
Private legal insurance
Family legal insurance (especially as group contracts and employee benefit)

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
HELP Forsikring
Tuborg Boulevard 12, 3. (office address)
2900 Hellerup
Point of contact
Kristian Nordbye Bentsen,
Country manager
+45 3990 0900


The level of conflicts among Danish citizens is considered to be quite comparable with Norway and Sweden, thus the need to have access to legal support in Denmark is similar as the rest of the Scandinavian market. In 2015 the Norwegian parent company HELP Forsikring AS, a subsidiary of the ARAG Group, started operations in Denmark, called HELP Forsikring Filial. The first distribution agreement has already been signed and more agreements are likely to follow soon after.

Growth and development
HELP Forsikring has experienced a very warm welcome to the Danish market, where the company has met with a large number of potential business partners, potential clients and distributors of the products. The interest from everywhere has been very impressive and a genuine interest to the products, the company and the benefit of working with HELP Forsikring has been demonstrated from day one. The Danish labor market is characterized by a significant number of large trade union organizations which also provide various types of insurance to their members. The ambition in Denmark is to work with the larger trade unions in Denmark and thus continue the strong relationship undertaken by HELP in Norway and Sweden where there is a mutual strong relationship between the trade unions and HELP. Furthermore, focus is on offering private legal insurance as employee benefit in Danish companies. There is a clear focus on engaging with strong business partners and to build long term relationships with all partners. An increasing demand for legal protection, and thus legal insurance, has been clearly identified and it is obvious that HELP’s products add value to trade unions’ member offerings as well as for companies in order to maintain and attract employees.

ARAG in Denmark today
The primary focus from the very beginning has been to select organizations and distribution partners that share the values and enthusiasm of HELP. This has been a successful formula in Denmark. Moreover, a constant need for organizations to provide new, innovative offerings combined with the growing need for Danish citizens to get better access to legal support in their private lives has helped in our attempt to enter the Danish market.

A year ago, the company signed a contract with IDA (The Danish trade union for engineers), which means that 100.000 members of IDA, on an individual basis, can get legal protection within family law and inheritance. The IDA agreement follows the first agreement signed with Skandia, who offers company pension schemes and health related insurance products. In the future, the product range will be extended to include legal assistance in the event of disputes or legal proceedings related to consumer, family and inheritance issues.

Most recently, Call me (a Danish mobile operator) has signed a contract which allows their customers to buy our WebHELP/web@ktiv product, either individually or bundled through their mobile subscriptions.