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Brief profile

ARAG Legal Solutions Inc.
As of 31.12.2023

Incorporation: 2015
Legal form: Subsidiary of ARAG Group
Employees: 52
Premium under management:
25.3 million EURO
Business focus: Legal Expense Insurance solutions for consumers, businesses, residential landlords, condominium boards / strata councils, groups, and associations.

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG Legal Solutions Inc.
121 King Street West, Suite 2200
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3T9
Point of contact
Peter Dempster
+1 416 342 5400
+1 888 582 5586


In 2016 ARAG entered the Canadian market as an insurance intermediary.

Growth and development
Since 2016, we have grown due the purchase of DAS’s Canadian operations in 2021 and more importantly due to a strong commitment to helping our customers when they face an unforeseen legal issue – like a contract or employment dispute or a CRA tax audit. The assistance provided by our Legal Helpline and other legal services, combined with the financial protection of Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) coverage, ensures our customers’ legal risks, are well managed!

ARAG in Canada today
ARAG continues to lead the Canadian legal expense insurance market, offering enhanced access to justice for families, business owners, and residential landlords. Working closely with brokerages, insurers, and mutuals, we develop tailored solutions that effectively manage and mitigate legal risks. Our ongoing efforts focus on educating Canadians about these risks while expanding our BTE and ATE markets.

As a managing general agent specializing exclusively in legal expense insurance, all our policies are underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE.

Legal expense insurance isn’t just a small part of what we do, it’s all we do!