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Brief profile

ARAG Services Corporation
As of 31.12.2017

Incorporation: 2015
Legal form: Subsidiary of ARAG
Employees: 4
Premium under management: 98,000 EUR
Business focus: Legal
solutions for consumers and

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG Services Corporation
181 Bay St.
Suite 2425
Toronto, Ontario
M5J2V1 Canada
Point of contact
Graham Martin
Assistant Vice President, Underwriting
+1 416 255 0344


ARAG Services Corporation was incorporated in 2015 as an insurance intermediary and part of ARAG Group, a global leader in legal expenses insurance which generates annual premium income in excess of 1.7 Billion EUR.

Growth and development
ARAG Services Corporation is committed to helping clients when something in life turns to a legal issue – like a dispute with a contractor, an employment dispute or a CRA tax audit – through a network of lawyers and access to legal resources. ARAG Services Corporation also offers additional services including a Legal Document Library. The company demonstrates expertise, integrity and passion in everything it does in order to serve its clients and to make a difference in its community.

ARAG in Canada today
ARAG Services Corporation's goal is to expand in Before-the-Event portfolios. We provide an innovative and comprehensive range of legal expenses products for intermediaries, underwriting agents and insurers. Our products are designed for businesses, families, drivers and landlords.

We have a unique corporate identity as an international family enterprise. We are independent. That enables us to bond with our clients who also strive for independence and self-fulfillment. We support our clients in every phase of life in their efforts to achieve freedom of action and we accompany them at significant turning points in their lives. In short, our clients can concentrate on their opportunities, because we attend to their risks.