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Brief profile

Direktion für Österreich
As of 31.12.2023

Incorporation: 1976
Legal form: Branch of ARAG SE
Employees: 139
Premiums: 91 million EUR
Business focus: Individual and modular solutions for private customers, as well as for small and mid-sized companies, communities, employees active in medical or healthcare professions and agriculturists

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
Direktion für Österreich
Favoritenstraße 36
1041 Vienna
Point of contact
Birgit Eder
+43 1 531 02 1113
+43 1 531 02 2113


A uniform legal framework for legal insurance comparable to Germany was created in Austria in 1965. In 1977, ARAG Austria was founded as a joint venture of the ARAG Group and Austrian insurer “Bundesländer-Versicherung” (subsequently UNIQA) – under the name BV-ARAG.

Growth and development
The joint venture was dissolved in 2000. The ARAG Group acquired all shares of this company, making it a wholly owned subsidiary. In 2004, ARAG Austria entered the Slovenian insurance market and commenced business operations through its subsidiary ARAG zavarovanje pravne zaščite d.d. based in Ljubljana. Both ARAG Austria and ARAG Slovenia were converted into branches of ARAG SE in August 2012.

ARAG in Austria today
In the fragmented Austrian legal protection market ARAG Austria holds a market share of about 12 percent with an above-average profitability. The legal protection specialist focuses on independent sales channels such as brokers and agents and is well positioned there, but started online direct sales a few years ago. During the last years a unit of inhouse-lawyers has been very successfully established offering additional services to the clients such as legal advice as well as the out-of-court settlement and also mediation for cases with comparatively small claims. ARAG Austria has developed smart, digital and preventive legal services for their (potential) customers.