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07.07.2014 | Joaquín from Spain

Galicia – La Coruña

Some weeks ago I went to La Coruña, where I originally come from. I enjoyed a lot being with my family and friends and I celebrated my birthday for a second time (previously I had celebrated it here in Düsseldorf with my German “family”). I had time to go to the beach, to chill out with my friends and to do some shopping as well.

This month I’ll go back to Spain since I planned a business trip to Barcelona with my boss Dr. Ina Baumann. On the occasion of this trip, I will also visit La Coruña again as well as Sevilla for some days. It will be quite hot in Sevilla – too hot for tourist activities. Therefore, my friends from my hometown and I will probably spend most of the time in the swimming-pool of the hotel – it is always good to be surrounded by nice people.

By the way: I highly recommend visiting the North of Spain! I know that German people love Mallorca – but if they visited Galicia they’d prefer it!

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