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Brief profile

ARAG SE Nederland
As of 31.12.2016

Incorporation: 1962
Legal form: Branch of ARAG SE
Employees: 594
Premiums: 140 million EUR
Business focus: Legal insurance provider, legal aid for policy holders and non-insured individuals or companies. Financial service provider for debt collection issues and flight claim services.

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG SE Nederland
Kastanjelaan 2
3833 AN Leusden
Point of contact
Gert-Jan Siebelink
Head of Communications and Marketing
+31 33 43 42 342
+31 33 43 42 186


ARAG founded its first international subsidiary in the Netherlands in 1962 – as one of the very first providers in the still-young Dutch legal insurance market. ARAG Netherlands soon became the third-largest company in this segment, with a market share of roughly 20 %. As an independent specialist, the company not only sold legal insurance policies but also offered a wide range of services to both policyholders and non-insured individuals.

Growth and development
ARAG Netherlands offers comprehensive service and advisory support in all of these areas, enabling customers to calculate the financial risks of legal problems as accurately as possible. ARAG Netherlands relies primarily on the expertise of its own employees, who have acquired extensive know-how in both legal counseling and legal services. For ARAG Netherlands quality and customer excellence are the main drivers. The average customer satisfaction score amounts 8.2.

ARAG in the Netherlands today
In September 2012, the company became a branch of ARAG SE. Today, ARAG SE Nederland is one of ARAG Group’s largest international entities. Since 2011, it cooperates with the official Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) referees introducing ´fairplay´ not only on the football field but also in everyday life. With this partnership ARAG Netherlands shows the similarity of the referee on the football field and that of the lawyer in civil court. Whether it comes to dismissals, preparing a contract or debt problems, it´s always about legal fairplay. And this is what ARAG SE Nederland stands for. In June 2017 ARAG is willing to extend this partnership for another 3 years.

The company also introduced a new online platform called "ARAG.nl/denktmee" in 2015 which is designed to foster an ongoing dialogue with the customers as well as to develop excellent service concepts.

With the program Customer Excellence & Innovation (CENI) ARAG in the Netherlands put down a framework to meet the challenges of the coming years. We want to achieve this for example by simplifying and digitizing customer processes as well as by developing new concepts. Additionally, ARAG constantly strives to further improve services and cost-efficiency throughout the entire organization.