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Brief profile

ARAG SE - Branch Belgium
As of 31.12.2016

Incorporation: 1965
Legal form: Branch of ARAG SE
Employees: 76
Premiums: 24 million EUR
Business focus: Private legal insurance for motorists, employment, personal and home-related issues.
Corporate legal insurance

Contact data

Mailing address headquarter
ARAG SE - Branch Belgium
Place du Champ de Mars, 5
1050 Brussels
Point of contact
Tim van Engelenhoven-Breure
Communicatie & Marketing Manager
+32 2 643 12 68
+32 2 643 13 01


ARAG SA - NV was founded in 1965. Right from the start ARAG SA gave shape to the legal insurance market in Belgium. Over the past 50 years, the company grew into its current role providing high quality insurances for individuals and businesses.

Growth and development
In 2012, ARAG SA became a branch of ARAG SE and changed its name to ARAG SE - Branch Belgium. Combining the strength of an international player with local expertise and protection solutions will pave the way for future growth.

ARAG in Belgium today
ARAG SE - Branch Belgium strives to provide solutions for legal protection needs. Using the broker channel enables the company to cooperate with hundreds of potential clients each day. Together with its distribution channel ARAG SE - Branch Belgium aims at offering the best service to clients because the company strongly believes that service is one of the key factors for profitable growth.

ARAG Belgium attaches great importance on product innovation in order to meet the needs of the customer. Here are some examples of recent product launches: ARAG Web@ctive (launched in 2013) is a product offering legal protection for online matters. In 2014, ARAG Belgium refreshed its product range by renaming them and also launched a new product called ARAG BASICS which is designed as an affordable solution for customers who need basic coverage. Also the "Light Fleet” product has been created as well as products including deductibles.

The change in the Belgium regulation regarding VAT (lawyer’s fees have been submitted to a 21% VAT from 2014 on) has been one of the triggers for extending the Belgium product range. This VAT increases the costs for citizens who want to gain access to justice. Therefore, the demand for a legal protection insurance is rising. Focusing on quality, both products and services are crucial in a changing world.

While the business focus for the future will still include private legal insurance the strategy for the coming years will aim towards business legal insurance for companies. In March 2016 we launched the Legal Help Line (LHL) for business customers. Since then all customers, private and business, can call ARAG for legal advice. In 2016 we also launched, as the first independent and specialized legal protection insurer in Belgium, an online sales channel through our new website aimed at private insurance solutions. In 2017 we are launching our new business product focused on small businesses, one person without personnel. This is very rapidly growing group which is in need of insurance solutions that focus on their specific situation.