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Press Releases

Launch of “”, the interstate digital education program

ARAG SE and the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German Foundation for Children and Youth) are supporting schools in digital education development projects.

“Stop Hate”: ARAG launches Instagram campaign against cyberbullying

The ARAG Group is stepping up its commitment to protecting personal rights and combating violence on the Internet and voicing its opposition to cyber violence on Instagram.

Sale of ARAG Lebensversicherungs-AG: ownership control proceedings

The ownership control proceedings have been successfully completed. Frankfurter Leben can now purchase 92 percent of shares in ARAG Leben from ARAG SE.


What sets the ARAG apart?

Heinrich Faßbender, the grandfather of Dr. Dr. h. c. Paul-Otto Faßbender, our present Chairman and CEO, founded ARAG in Düsseldorf/Germany in 1935, and the organization has been in family hands ever since. Heinrich Faßbender’s business idea is still close to our heart today: to make equal opportunity under the law a reality for everyone – regardless of financial standing. The goal of establishing equality of opportunity is as important to us as ever after more than 80 years in business. What – apart from this unique entrepreneurial mission – makes ARAG so special today?