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10.11.2014 | Lara from Spain

Final countdown

One year and a half already – and now our traineeship will soon come to an end. In fact, it ends December 31st, 2014. It’s quite difficult to explain what this experience has meant to me in every sense. I have grown up, I have learnt, I have suffered as well sometimes, I have felt lonely and lost, but I have fought, I have gotten stronger, I have enjoyed. Most importantly: I have succeeded.

The future of each of the trainees will be, of course, different. I will return to Spain, to Barcelona this time. For me that’s a new start, a new city, and again the need to adapt. I will bring along innumerable memories of this period, some very good friends and the feeling of having made an important step in my life. I will not forget any of this. This was not only an 18 months period. This has been a jump in at the deep end that has made us learn to fly. With fear and obstacles, but in any case: we fly.

Until the final day, I will absolutely try to enjoy each moment: I will keep up travelling around, discovering everything new, having long conversations that you only can have with someone who really understands your situation, because he or she is facing the same situation as well. I will keep up these coffee breaks in which we talk everything over. I will learn until the very end, from my colleagues, from this country, from this company, and from myself. I am not going to say that it has always been easy. It was not. But what I can definitely say is that it was worth it.

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