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21.10.2014 | Joaquín from Spain

From Vienna’s Workshop to…La Coruña!

I have just arrived from my short holidays in Galicia. I went directly after the workshop in Vienna, the best one I attended so far. I did not have so much time to visit the city, because the three days were pretty intense, but I liked a lot what I saw and I want to come back soon.

At the upper right in this picture you can see “El Castillo de San Antón”, built in the XVI century and used to protect La Coruña city against the English army. From the XVIII century onwards, it was used as a prison, however nowadays it is just a wonderful museum. La Coruña is completely surrounded by sea and I love walking next to it. I always feel free, relaxed and the views are amazing. I had a great time! I really love my hometown, the people, the food and I also had time to have a swim, the last one of this “summer” and the last one of the year as well.

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