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25.09.2014 | Daniele from Italy

Soccer’s great fun

Since I’ve joined ARAG I became a member of the ARAG soccer team. Once a week we meet and we always have great fun on the pitch which is located in the direct vicinity of the ARAG Tower in Düsseldorf. This summer we participated in two tournaments: the “Cura Cup” and the “Kroschke Cup”.

The “Cura Cup”, held in Düsseldorf, has been a success as we finished 3rd. The “Kroschke Cup” (where the picture was taken) took place in Hamburg and unfortunately went quite bad – I prefer not to mention how we placed in this competition. However, we had great fun in Hamburg not only because of the tournament, but because we had the chance to stay over the weekend and visit the city. All ARAG team members are very nice and I hope to join these cups again next year. Perhaps we’ll do better then – I will definitely train hard!

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